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Advantage Of A High-frequency Slip Ring

      The high-frequency slip ring can be explained as a combination of two different form of slip rings, which include the high-frequency joint and electrical slip ring. This is a hybrid slip ring which serves a dual purpose. Firstly, it can carry out the traditional function of transmitting signal and secondly. It can come in real handy for transferring high-speed digital signal and analog signals. It can transmit a digital signal of frequency ranging from 500 MHz to 50 GHz in unison with high-frequency rotary joints.

      The real advantage of high-frequency slip ring is its design cue, low attenuation loss, excellent SWR, continuous transmission of signals during the rotational motion and the reduction in the rate of crosstalk among the different channel. One of the important factors that makes it highly beneficial is the free-form state of conductive bundles, which in most cases is tightly wound together. The free-form structuring of the conductive bundle makes it highly reliable.

      The high-frequency slip ring is the apt solution to the problems relating to signal transmission during the rotation. Such slip rings help to transmit the huge capacity data signal from the rotating structure to the stationary structure and vice-versa. It has the potential to transmit signals up to 50 GHz with the number of channels rising from the standard figure to 21. The rate of insertion loss is constantly kept below 0.5 decibels.


      The need for transmission of frequency signals from the mentioned stationary part to the rotating part is mainly necessary for the components used air traffic control. Some of the other fields where high-frequency slip ring is used include defense, radar mapping, satellite communication equipment, and V-SAT.


Some of the common advantages of the high-frequency slip ring are mentioned below


1.The use of high-quality contact materials which is made up of valuable metal that lends the device a long operational life.

2.The thick gold plated contact material minimizes the level of contact resistance.

3. It is stated fact that such slip rings are potent enough to transmit data bus protocol.

4.The design of the high-frequency slip ring is quite compact and easily fits in a different type of equipment.

5.Probably the biggest advantage of such slip ring is its ability to rotate smoothly while transmitting the data signals.


High-frequency slip ring and ethernet slip ring


      The mention of high frequency is incomplete without the mention of ethernet slip rings. In fact, ethernet slip ring itself is a form of the high-frequency slip ring. They include a fewer number of channels and transmits high-frequency data signals without much of a fuss. They can be easily placed in any equipment and the changes in terms of a number of the sensor can be made without actually altering the physical design. On a concluding note, the use of such slip rings reduces cost and simplifies the complex mechanism.

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