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The Interdependence of Slip Ring and Thermocouple

      The act of testing and controlling the temperature in the heating axis and rotary furnaces is quite relevant in large-scale industries. The new materials are also tested on the basis of thermal properties. But the entire testing process is carried with varying levels of heat and temperature. Thus, to handle the varying conditions thermocouples are used. Also, the observation and collection of data cannot be carried out without the presence of a slip ring assembly. So, the dual need for applying a thermocouple and slip ring assemblies brings forth certain challenges which are tackled with the application of thermocouple in slip ring assemblies.


      Things can go awry quite quickly if the wrong set of slip ring units are employed. The reason is quite clear, picking a wrong slip ring would just accentuate the disparity in the temperature changes. So, you need to first choose a correct slip ring and how you do that? Well, you have to first figure the temperature measurement and system that fits in the scheme of things. It (temperature measurement system) includes a thermocouple and thermal resistance and we will be discussing at length about thermocouple.

What is a thermocouple after all?


      A thermocouple is more of a temperature measuring device, it consists of two dissimilar conductors. They contact each other at one of the junction. The thermocouple is based on the principle of seedbeck effect, it is the conversion of the thermal energy differences directly into the electrical energy. This conversion of heat differences into electrical energy is the defining reason as of why thermocouples are used so widely.


Different types of thermocouple?

      The thermocouple can be categorized into two types, standard and nonstandard thermocouples. The standard thermocouples are used extensively in the testing field. It is an indicator of the cohesive nature of the national standard indexing table and thermoelectric power along with the temperature tolerance. The standard variant of the thermocouple is available with a display instrument. On the other, hand the nonstandard thermocouple are not widely used as a matter of fact they are in a few specific cases largely because they do not have a uniform indexing table.


      The physical design of the thermocouple must be precise for an efficient operation under the challenging condition, which is more the case with it combined application alongside slip ring.


      The two distinct conductors must properly be welded at the junction and high-quality insulating material should be applied on the surface of the conductor to prevent short circuits. The non- contact end of the thermocouple connection and the compensation wires must be of reliable standards.


      As the measurement principle varies considerably, thus specific set of slip ring structure must be used alongside thermocouple. Also, the control parameters must be duly complied with. Lastly, it is important to highlight the fact that different kind of slip ring and brush contact material and wire structures are used in the separate testing environment to minimize the level of error.

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