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An Insight into HD Slip Ring and Virtual Reality Technology

      The latest cutting-edge technology that has left the world awestruck is the VR (Virtual Reality). It has been accepted with wide open arms by almost all the technological giants. Right from Apple to Samsung. The varied breadth with which the technology is welcomed in the first place is quite fascinating. The advancement in the field of VR technology over the years is simply breathtaking.

      The major aftereffect of the introduction of the VR technology is the change in the way general humans have started to perceive the real and virtual world. The entire experience of human visual has moved from the VFX, which is the technical aspect of things to a more personalized human connection to the new virtual world. 

      The VR technology has successfully ousted the raw visual effects of the human eye to make way for the introduction of intriguing application based changes. One of the prime examples of the application of VR is in the field of gaming. Earlier, the gaming experience was much more generalized, but with the advent of VR, technology things have turned on its head as gaming have never been more personalized and exciting. Some of the other fields where the VR technology has left a mark include telemedicine, online shopping, and education.


      In the recent past, the introduction of head-mounted displays has brought a stir in the gaming market. A current lot of Virtual reality headset includes a wire which is directly connected with the multimedia device, be it the TV or computer. 


      One of the things to note here is that the use of use VR headset connected with wire might not retain the level of excitement with the games as they are supposed to be. Various slip ring manufacturers have introduced a high-performance slip ring which is a combination of HDMI slip ring and USB slip ring. Such high-performance slip rings are designed on the lines of any other hybrid slip ring.  


      The hybrid slip ring so formed has a dual advantage. Firstly, the HDMI aspect of the slip ring helps in transmitting video signals of 1080p at the frequency rate of 60Hz. Also. the quality of the video signal transferred remains intact. On the other, the USB slip ring facet helps in transmitting USB signals and there is no interference of the USB signal in the transmission of the video signal and vice-versa.     

Customization of HD slip rings

      The HD slip rings provide the option of customization without much of a hassle. The customization carried out on the lines of increasing current and other requirements which would make the signal transmission almost innate. The physical aspect of such slip ring can be altered form it standard counterpart along with keeping the efficiency portion intact. 


      The benefits of such slip ring have come under the reckoning by various industries. Thus, it is just a matter of time, when further technological advancement of HD slip ring will make way for a more varied range of application.

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