Thermocouple Slip Ring

Thermocouple Slip Ring

What is Thermocouple Slip Ring

This low noise thermocouple slip-ring assembly is ideal for transmission of low level emf’s where it is necessary to attach thermocouples to rotating parts,thermocouple slip ring can transmit the thermo couple signal, which signal is pretty small and the requirement of precision is very high, what is thermocouple? It will be explain from the theory,thermocouple slip ring can transmit thermo couple signals. thermocouple is temperature-sensing element, and it can measure temperature and transform temperature signal into thermoelectromotive signal and then transferred media temperature by electric instrument.

How to Select Thermocouple Slip Ring

The output leads consist of plain copper wires; no compensation is included. The slip-ring assembly will transfer the true microvolt signal coming from a rotating assembly.

In Rion Slip Rings, TB series and CA series could be used for Thermocouple signal transmitting and the low noise could be less than 3mΩ, 1 channel Thermocouple signal should contain 2ringsXsignal,