Fiber Optic Slip Ring

Fiber Optic Slip Ring

What is Fiber Optic Slip Ring

Fiber Optic Slip Ring is rotating device which can transmit optic signalfrom stator to rotor when free rotating on 360 degree, The single-channel fiber optic slip ring can be divided into the single-mode and multi-mode, while the multi-channel fiber optic rotary joints can only lead to a multi-mode, then how to ensure the insertion loss, and the data transfer rate of the multi-channel FORJ.

Picture A: 1 channel fiber optic slip ring

How to Select Fiber Optic Slip Ring

Which type of fiber optic slip ring depends on your channel num and single-mode fiber or multiple-mode fiber.

In Rion Slip Rings, FB series could be used for Fiber Optic signal transmitting,see as below: