Ethernet Slip Ring

Ethernet Slip Ring

What is Ethernet Slip Ring

Rion’s Ethernet slip ring solutions have been developed to provide reliable products to allow transfer of the Ethernet protocol through a rotating interface. The innovative designs meet the challenge of matching impedance, controlling crosstalk and managing losses. Wide range of product solutions are offered with combinations of data and power in multiple mechanical configurations to meet your application needs.


Configured for Ethernet transmission

RJ45 connector for direct plug-and-play

High performance contact technology

Available with multiple Ethernet, power and signal combinations

How to Select Ethernet Slip Ring

Here are three important parameters that must be considered when incorporating a slip ring in an Ethernet communication line:
1. Insertion loss
2. Return loss
3. Crosstalk
These parameters establish the signal to noise ratio of the transmission line and ultimately the bit error rate (BER). As the world’s leading manufacturer of slip rings, Rion Components Group slip rings are uniquely suited for critical Ethernet applications. To respond to market demand for engineered Ethernet solutions, Rion has developed an extensive line of Ethernet products based on our popular ET products.