HF02 series High Frequency Slip Rings
HF02 slip rings are 2 channel High Frequency, standard, off-the-shelf. It could support 2 channel High Frequencys(up to 4.5Ghz) transmitting on 360° rotating, The RF rotary joints are needed wherever high-frequency signals have to be transmitted between a fixed platform and second platform in continuous rotation.Such applications includs traditional radar technology for ai traffic control or anti-missile defence,medical engineering, V-sat and Satcom technology as well as TV camera systems or cable drums that allow sensitive cable to be wound.the signal frequency can be DC TO 4.5GHz. HF02 are often used with electronic sliprings, call optical-electrical hybrid slipring, transmit power and high speed data.
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Combine with Power circuits and signal circuits
HF02 series Slip Rings
Parts#Connector Type

(RF Rotary joints) Specifications
Max speed60RPMTorque0.1N.m
Frequency2 channel DC~4.5GhzInsertion loss0.3dB
Insertion loss ripple0.05dBVSWR ≤1.3
VSWR ripple0.05Start up torque0.1N.m
Estimated life cycle100 millionHousing materiaStainless steel
Working temperature-40 to 85 °CStorage temperature-50 to 85 °C
IP ratingIP 51Weight50g

HF02-SMA Drawings

Typical applications

Industrial machinery-machining centers, rotary index table; Heavy equipment turrets, cable reels, test equipments; Packaging machines, palletizing machines, magnetic clutch, process equipment; Rotary sensors, emergency lighting, robotics; Exhibit/display equipment, medical equipment

Customized on your request

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